Event: Building a Fighting Rank & File Movement

by on 06 August 2019


Summit on militant, rank and file organising within the PCS union. Including debate, discussion and a practical training workshop.

Sat, 14 September 2019, 11:00 – 17:00 BST Methodist Church, Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JQ (View Map)

We are hosting this summit in support of our aim to link up and support lay union members who want to build the capacity of the rank and file membership to take collective action: with the support of the union leadership where possible, and without it where necessary. The full day event includes debate, discussion and a practical training session on direct action in the workplace.

The schedule below will be updated as more details are confirmed.

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Session 1: What is a rank and file movement? (Group discussion.)

Chair: Phil Millar, PCS Rank & File Network.

Guest speaker: Andy Littlechild, RMT, on the London Underground “Workmates” collective.

Session 2: Organising precarious workers and the lessons for the wider trade union movement. (Panel debate.)

Chair: Annette Wright, PCS Rank & File Network.

Speakers: Holly Smith outsourced workers researcher, Phil Dickens PCS, United Voices of the World union speaker TBC, BFAWU union McStrike speaker TBC, IWW couriers network speaker TBC.

Session 3: Direct action in the workplace. (Educational workshop run by Manchester Industrial Workers of the World.)

Session 4: Organising around equality. (Details TBC.)