Why are you standing - Annette Wright?

by Annette Wright on 25 January 2019

I have got an older photo of me on a picket line somewhere but this is the oldest one I’ve got on here, combined with an old photo of me at a union event in London and I think the earliest picket line I’ve been at, Unite First Buses at 4am.

I’m standing with this lot in PCS because I see my role as a union rep to be one of working with the members who elected me to collectively take forward the issues that matter to them. I won’t be told not to do that because external political organisations have other plans or because people with whom I have no personal connection will be unable to like me as a consequence.

I’m pleased to be standing with reps who are mostly newer and younger than me. I was first a rep in my early 20s and I have seen for years how those of us who are young are often encouraged into political or trade union careers, rather than workplace organisation and how rather than listening properly to young members, older reps often encourage them to maintain the status quo. In my view, young members often know best. They are often in the worst paid and hardest jobs, they know how to communicate effectively in the present day and they have an understanding of trade unionism gained on the shop floor and from other young reps in other sectors.

If you have votes in these elections, please consider casting some of them for us.