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Report back from our Manchester event

The aim of the event was, in essence, to begin a long-overdue conversation about how we organise as a union. We believe that the event met that aim, and we will be looking to hold further events around the country in order to keep that conversation going. The mix of open debate and educational workshop appeared to make the event more interesting and engaging than such an event might otherwise be and, with some tweaks based on feedback, that is a format we intend to continue with.

Event: Building a Fighting Rank & File Movement

We are hosting this summit in support of our aim to link up and support lay union members who want to build the capacity of the rank and file membership to take collective action: with the support of the union leadership where possible, and without it where necessary. The full day event includes debate, discussion and a practical training session on direct action in the workplace.

Build the struggle against outsourcing!

These disputes, and the victories they rack up, can give confidence to other workers that it is possible to fight and win. That won’t occur in a vacuum, however, and we all have a role to play in linking up different groups of workers in order to spread the threat of a good example.

Winning on pay: a view from the grassroots

Being well organised is exactly what success will come down to in this ballot, and seeing this union become well organised from the grassroots up is exactly what the PCS HMRC Rank & File Network is aiming for.