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Building local networks

For far too long, we have faced a barrage of attacks as a union. From Government and unscrupulous employers. We have injustices launched against our members on a daily basis at local and organisational levels, but how do we combat this? It is easy to say “let’s build”, but what does that mean? How do we build our strength exactly?

Organising in and after COVID-19: Part Two

Once the Coronavirus crisis is over, we will not simply revert to the way things were beforehand. For workers, many of the ways of working introduced during the crisis will persist. There will be fresh challenges as we face the threat of renewed austerity to recoup the money spent by the government to shore up the economy, and as bosses try to turn automation designed to cope with workers being unable to leave the house into a means to replace our jobs on a more permanent basis. There will also be the opportunity to organise differently, and more effectively, if we are willing to take it.

Organising in and after COVID-19: Part One

With the global Coronavirus crisis rolling on, one thing that we are seeing more clearly than ever is the battle lines of the class war. As much as some would like to promote a myth of “national unity,” with the country pulling together to weather the storm, the fact is that the bosses are still trying to fatten their wallets or minimise their losses at the expense of the working class. Organisation is more crucial than ever. Here are five things we can do to aid those organising efforts in the current environment.

Membership control of union struggles

The Rank & File Network stands for a union which takes a direct lead from members in all negotiations. This is part of a broader principle that workers should be in charge of their own struggles. What does that mean, exactly?