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Winning on pay: a view from the grassroots

Being well organised is exactly what success will come down to in this ballot, and seeing this union become well organised from the grassroots up is exactly what the PCS HMRC Rank & File Network is aiming for.

Why are you standing - Annette Wright?

I'm standing with this lot in PCS because I see my role as a union rep to be one of working with the members who elected me to collectively take forward the issues that matter to them. I won't be told not to do that because external political organisations have other plans or because people with whom I have no personal connection will be unable to like me as a consequence.

Why are you standing - Emma Hughes?

I decided I can either sit at my desk and moan about how things are ran 🤷‍♀️ or I can get involved and try to make a difference no matter how small ❤️