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Membership control of union struggles

The Rank & File Network stands for a union which takes a direct lead from members in all negotiations. This is part of a broader principle that workers should be in charge of their own struggles. What does that mean, exactly?

PCS: Challenges for 2020

We close out the year, and the decade, with the Tories holding a majority in parliament. The damage wrought by the last nine years of austerity looks set to not just continue, but to escalate. For PCS as a union, the key question is: how do we reverse course from a decade of defeat in this environment?

Civil Service Pay: Can We Win?

Civil service pay awards have fallen short of inflation year on year. Our real income is falling – our wages simply don’t go as far as they used to. After two years of pay freezes, a 1 percent pay cap was imposed in 2012 and the Cabinet Office has strictly controlled pay ever since. If the government continues with its current pay policy, civil service pay will have fallen 20 percent in real terms between 2010 and 2020.

Report back from our Manchester event

The aim of the event was, in essence, to begin a long-overdue conversation about how we organise as a union. We believe that the event met that aim, and we will be looking to hold further events around the country in order to keep that conversation going. The mix of open debate and educational workshop appeared to make the event more interesting and engaging than such an event might otherwise be and, with some tweaks based on feedback, that is a format we intend to continue with.